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Heyyyy Babes! I’m Kat.

I’m here to help you work smarter, not harder. While you focus on scaling your kickass business, trust me to handle all things social media to get you SEEN! Level up your business with authentic content and custom strategy that gets clients blowing up your DMs.

Why You Need A Social Media Hype Woman In Your Corner

Baybeee, let’s talk about it! As a confident woman CEO, you’re committed to your business’ growth, success, and impact. Creating a strong, genuine digital presence is on your list of priorities, but you just don’t have the time.

That’s where I come in! My primary goal is to get your business flowing and growing, be your personal cheerleader, and build a content strategy that aligns perfectly with your brand. 

Reels are a great way to boost exposure and target your ideal clients, so you keep bringing in that money! Snag your FREE TRENDING REEELS here and let’s get it, baybeee!

You Got This, Sis! Here’s Some Free Love

OMG! Tell me more about these packages:

Buckle in because as your ultimate hype woman, I’m going to make you SHINE! I have tons of amazing ideas that will bring you and your brand to life, attract all your dream clients, and skyrocket your sales. As your collaborative partner and trusted bestie, we’ll curate content and a strategy that is authentically you!

Ready For a Business Glow Up?

Melissa Clubb, Realtor

“Kat’s expertise is phenomenal. She is an effective communicator
and does not waste any time, she takes initiative and thanks to her
 I have been able to focus on my clients. Having her handle all my
social media management and marketing has truly helped my business
grow. I am excited about what this year has for us. Having Kat on your
team is not only worth every single penny but it can really really improve
your business.”

Diana Ayala, Black Moon Studios

“I loved working with Kat. She lightened my workload tremendously by taking over my social media management. Her approach and strategy were professional and efficient. Not only that but she inspired me to be creative and gave me a confidence boost to show up on my stories and connect with my clients. I highly recommend Kat to anyone, her years of experience with social media and marketing along with her bubbly personality make her a great asset for any business.”

Jennifer Konrad LE, Full Body Waxer & Esthetician

"Worth every penny. Before hiring Kat my social media presence was sporadic, lacking purpose and engagement. Since working with Kat my numbers are through the roof! Not just analytics of my social media, but my client count and projected 30 Day income have all increased substantially! I’m thrilled with the results so far and am excited to continue working with Kat to grow my business. Since hiring Kat I feel more confident showing up in my social media and I’m looking forward to that just getting better and more comfortable in time. I have also seen my revenue, client count and projected income soar. So excited to keep watching it go up!"

Claudia Nunez, CN Captured Moments

"I highly recommend Kat as she makes sure to always communicate. She has great ideas that work to get you more clients. From the beginning, she created a plan and had a set strategy on how to accomplish the goals I had. Since working with Kat I have booked so many new clients and my summer is full of weddings that I get to photograph."

Savannah K., Digital Marketer

"If you're considering working with Kat, DO IT! She has helped me so so much. My relationship with my clients is better, I have better tools to do my job and I am not as stressed out! Before I worked with Kat I was panicking every day trying to figure out what to post! There was hardly time for strategizing. I did not hesitate to sign on to work with Kat. Her prices are so great and she is super flexible with scheduling and has amazing strategies and content ideas. She saved me and I cannot thank her enough."

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